hnwh war

hdly hnh rmal ,hrbal dgyv hlah ,yrbdh rxa yhyv gk k bk
vgv hqbr ta dly lavtbv vgv vrvkb /vi ta ;yxa rvxnl ,ynb ayh ,g hklm

   We read this hwrP on hnwh war as a ;wmh to the hdyqi twrp. We stop reading after the hdyqi, call another person to the Torah, and begin this hwrp. If this hwrp is so important to be its own hyli on the Day of Judgement, there must be some subject of tvrrvith that has to do with the day.

   A possible connection can be found by looking at ywr on the qvcP - hqbr ta dly lavtbv.
"hz qvcP lybwB ala vbTkn al vllh ]ycvxyh lk" All these people were hkvz to be written in the hrvT because hqbr was mentioned among them. There therefore remains a puzzling question, why was it not mentioned that hqbr had a brother, ]bl? It must be that because of his wickedness he was not hkz to be written now in the hrvT.

   We read this hwrP on the second day of hnwh war . We have already started saying ,yyxh rpcB vnbtk in davening. However, in evereyone's heart there is a fear that perhaps we did not merit that our name should be written in the Book of Life. Therefore there is no greater tvrrvith than to read this hwrP where all the ancestors are written and the name of ]bl is missing. Whoever hears this reading of the Torah on the second day of hnwh war will be rrvity to hbvwT and hlpT with a broken heart so that his name should not vx be missing from the Book of Life. With the tvkz of this tvrrvith he has hope that his judgement has been brought forth like the light on this Day of Judgement.

R' Shimon Schwab ljz taken from hbavwh tyb ]yim.

Last worked on September 19, 2001