vytrvdb hyh ,ymT qydj wya xn xn tvdlvt ala

"These are the offspring of Noach - Noach was a righteous man, perfect in his generations."

Later in the parsha it is written (a z) hzh rvdb ynpl qydj ytyar ;tva yK "for it is you that I have seen to be righteous before Me in this generation" leaving out the name ,ymT. Everyone knows the famous Rashi vynpb alw vlvkv vynpb ,da lw vxbw tjqm ,yrmvaw ]akm "From here we see that we say part of a person's praise in his presence, and all of his praise when not in his presence" The ]yqcyd lyrhm, wvrd ;rdB, offers another explanation. It is known that the name qydj refers to someone who has conquered his desires as we see that Yosef was called yosef hatzaddik, because he fought his inclination and did not give in to rpyuvP twya,ymT testifies to one who believes in Hashem and is strong in his faith. As it says in (gy xy ,yrbd) ;yqla h ,i hyhT ,ymT warning us that one should strenghen his faith in Hashem and not practice the divination and soothsaying mentioned a few pesukim earlier. It is also known that the sins of the lvBmh rvd were lzgv ,ymd tkypw cmx - corruption, murder, and robbery. There was a total destruction of the moral fabric of society because of their strong evil inclinations. However they did not stop believing in Hashem, they just were not able to control their evil inclination as it says (h y tywarB) ir qr vBl tvbwxm rjy lKv "and every inclination of [Mans] heart was only for evil" Therefore when Hashem spoke to Noach at the time of the Flood He said hzh rvdb ynpl qydj ytyar ;tva yKblah to distinguish Noach from the rest of the generation in that he had not succumbed to his yetzer. When the pasuk speaks about the offspring and happenings of Noach which includes the generation of the flood and also the dor haflaga for if you examine how long Noach live after the Flood - 350 years- they reached into the the days of peleg in whose time the haflaga occured. Now the dor haflaga did not stumble over their tavos but over their kefiras emunim. The commentators say tht they wanted to build a city and tower to be the center of minus. blah blah blah. They wanted everyone to be of the same mind in denying Hashem. Noach was rescued from this incorrect deah which is aganst the ratzon yisbarach and stood in his faith of Hashem completely. Then he was called tamim because he was amad beblah and therefore the pasuk says vytrvdb hyh ,ymT qydj in both generations. blah he excelled in his blah and during the blah he excelled in his blah and faith in Hashem. It is interesting to note that hyrumgb, vytvrvd is equal to hglph rvdv lvBmh rvd.