w,urudj ovk uaghu 'udu ovhba hbhg vbjep,u'

"The eyes of both of them were opened... and they made for themselves loincloths."

Rashi comments: wov ohnurhg hf ugshu uvn tkt wourg tuvaf gsuh tnuxv ;t
"Even a Blind knows when he has no clothes on! What then does it mean 'They knew they were naked?' They had one command to follow and they stripped themselves of it. wvbnhv ukyrg,bu oshc v,hv ,jt vumn" It is known that Adam was on an extremely high spiritual level. He was so great in wisdom and knowledge, that the ,rav hftkn wanted to sing vrha in front of him. He was able to discern the character of every living creature and give them names based on these characteristics. However, once he sinned he went down from all his greatness and lost his wisdom, as the gemara says: uyghnu uhkg ush v"cev jhbv jrxa iuhf 'ufu vhv upux sg okugv ;uxn iuatrv ost cr rnt vsuvh cr rnt It is clear from all this, that even though Adam before he sinned was so great in wisdom and knowledge, he still did not comprehend and grasp the great pain and anguish that he would feel after the Sin and that he would be "ourg" from all commandments. It was only after he sinned that he realized he was bereft of commandments. We see that even an extremely wise person is unable to comprehend how great the pain that occurs after he succumbs and does an evil act will be.

In truth, if a person knew the great pain and regret that he would feel after doing a sin, he never would! If a person is tempted to sin, good advice is for him to remember the great suffering and pangs of regret that occured the last time he sinned. He should then picture in his mind the tremendous amount of pain and anguish he will feel if he sins now. This will certainly prevent him from sinning.

Chiddushei HaLev Parshas Bereishis