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Unofficial Yeshiva
Kew Gardens Hills


Chofetz Chaim Family Tree
Mazel Tovs
New Building
Parsha HaShavua
The Magic 8-ball

Pictures of the New Building 

Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim
outside view
This majestic view greets neighbors of the Kew Gardens Hills Community

Dormitory Washroom
Some people confuse the dormitory washrooms with those of a 5-star hotel!

The Foxman Beis Medrash
beis medrash
The gorgeous 5,460 sq. ft. Beis Medrash enables the talmidim to learn with great amkus

High-school Classroom
The high-school's spacious classrooms are equipped with the latest in blackboard technology

The 'Your Name Here' Gym*
The gym, with its fiberglass backboards & rubber floor, lets the talmidim exorcise between sedorim

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The Yeshiva
side view
The Yeshiva has finally come home

Dormitory hallway
The new building contains three floors of dorms which serve as living quarters to over 130 talmidim

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Dining Hall
The bnei hayeshiva are served nutritious yummy meals in the new 300 seat dining hall

* $1,000,000 donation required for naming rights to the gym.