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"Remain here with the donkey"

;nbsp;nbspThe gemara in IYwWDYQ learns from here: WNB WNYAW WYXA SXWYM WNYA HXPwH IM ABH LARsY IBD RWMXL HMWDH OE. Why does the Torah teach us this IYD over here?

;nbsp;nbspThe answer is that Hashem already told Avraham: ERZ VL ARQY QXCYb Yk - "for [only] through Yitzchok will seed be considered yours." meaning that Yishmael would not be SXYM after Avrahom and considered his son. Avraham Aveinu accepted this and in his heart did not consider Yishmael to be his son.

Now when Avraham went to slaughter Yitzchok he was afraid that perhaps now that he wouldn't have any other son he would renew the love and closness that he once felt for Yishmael. If so he would lose out twice. Once, because this challenge of the HDYQE would be infintesmaly smaller since having one son and killing him is not comparable to having two sons, killing one, and being left with the other. And Hashem expressly told Avraham: VDYXY TA VNb TA AN XQ "Plese take your son, your only one." Hashem told Avraham as part of that challenge that Yitzchak is to be his only son. Secondly, Avraham was commanded not to consider Yishmael his son. Therefore when Avraham was on his way to slaughter Yitzchok he began to strenghen and remind himself that Yishmael was not his son. He therefore said WNB WNYAW WYXA SXWYM WNYA HXPwH IM ABH LARsY IBD RWMXL HMWDH OE Yishmael being the son of a slave - Hagar - was not his son.