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R' Grunblatt and Moshe

Rabbi Grunblatt, who was mesader kedushin, dances with his talmud Moshe.

Rabbi Zachai and Avi J schmooze as they wait for the Chuppah to begin.


A pretty escatic Moshe is brought to his Kallah.

Moshe and his father

Moshe dancing with his father, a pretty cool guy.


Is he stoned?

Moshe dispensing Brochos

Moshe gives Blumberg a Brocha that he should sober up real soon, after Sheva Brochos.

Moshe and R' Zachai

R' Zachai dances with Moshe, his former talmud.

Moshe, his father, and Zeldy

It seems that Zeldy couldn't quite stay awake for the festivities. Maybe it was the guys swimming at the Bernsteins the night before who kept her up.

Avraham Fried and MBD

Avraham Fried and MBD made a guest appearance.